About Anja

Further forward, back to me

More body knowledge. More awareness. My yoga path.

Auf meiner Suche nach einem gesunden und stärkenden Lebensstil habe ich nicht nur weiter zu mir selbst, sondern auch eine neue, sinnvolle Aufgabe gefunden. Es ist eine Herzensangelegenheit, durch meine Arbeit als Yogalehrerin, Personal Trainerin und Ernährungsberaterin den fordernden Alltag und individuelle Bedürfnisse in Einklang zu bringen.

On the way

In 2006 I moved from my home in Northern Germany to study in Passau. Then I moved back to the north, this time to Bremen, in order to specialize in social public policy issues. Since 2011 I have had the pleasure of living in turbulent Berlin. I spent seven years working in the field of personnel management and political communication. Due to increasing health restrictions, due to a lack of balance in my job, I have increasingly devoted myself to the topic of health in all its facets. This also includes an understanding of anatomical relationships, basic human needs and healthy nutrition. My intensive analysis led me to a handful of simple nutritional rules, the knowledge of strength and muscle building and to relaxation techniques suitable for everyday use. I have arrived on my own yoga path.

I will take you with me into my world

Today I have extensive knowledge and experience, which I would like to pass onto you. Through my intensive yoga training (Hatha Yoga, Yoga Flow, restorative Yoga and Meditation) and my training as a personal (fitness) trainer and nutritionist, I integrate valuable knowledge from all of these disciplines in my work.

Healthy serenity

With my work, I pursue a holistic approach that does justice to our complex lives with all its individual requirements. I appreciate the limited time that is available to all of us for each area of life. Therefore, I pay a lot of attention to the respective personal challenges and demands on our time. It is my goal to make possible more balance and more serenity towards oneself for everyone possible.

An individual offer

Whether yoga courses, relaxation techniques as well as individual consultations and courses on the topics of strength and nutrition. Together we will find the right way. I would be happy to make you a non-binding offer and look forward to hearing from you!

Jetzt Termin vereinbaren

Training and further education

30h | Restorative Yoga Training | 09/2019

Restorative yoga practice and backgrounds: active relaxation and recovery with aids, meditation techniques, effects on the nervous system, restorative yoga course design

100h | Advanced Teacher Training | 07/2019

The Mahatma Within: Mantra, Mudra, Meditation and the Mind encompassed the guidance of advanced yoga techniques, the ancient Indian scholarly language Sanskrit, and original philosophical writings on which today's yoga is based, as well as neuroscientific, anatomical, and psychological contexts related to yoga.

Nutrition Consultant Certificate | 03/2019

The importance of nutrition in a healthy lifestyle and the role of nutrition in sport or weight reduction, diagnostic methods for nutrition-relevant parameters, competence in drawing up customer-specific nutrition plans.

180 h | Yin and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training | 02 - 03/2019

Curriculum: Yoga Techniques, Meditation, Medical Basics, History & Philosophy, Teaching Design, Teaching Internship, Psychology. (Yoga Alliance® Certified Complete Training)

Personal Trainer License | 09/2018

Holistic concepts for optimizing individual performance in one-to-one support: functional and performance diagnostics, coordination, sensorimotor skills, functional strength and athletic training as well as exercises in manual resistance and assisted stretching.

200 h Hatha Yoga Certification | 05 - 08/2018

Training contents Basic training: yoga practice, yoga philosophy, anatomy, exercise instructions, yoga course design.


Hatha Yoga

Trained in traditional Hatha Yoga, the oldest form of modern yoga and the basis of many other current yoga styles, I strive for a harmonious balance between body and mind through physical exercises (Asanas), breathing exercises (Pranayama) and meditation. Special focus is given to precise alignment, which protects and strengthens the joints and allows a deeper experience of the movements. Powerful and calm variations of backbends, forward bends, inversions, standing and twisting postures combined with space to experience and deepen the technical understanding of the postures characterize my classes.

Yoga Flow

Flow Yoga is known as a creative and dynamic form of Yoga, and is also known as Vinyasa Yoga. Central to Vinyasa are Hatha-based well-aligned postures, which are dynamically connected to the flow of breath. The flowing movements promote concentration and releases tension in tendons, ligaments, muscles and the complex fascia and nervous system of the body. In this practice of Yoga Asanas the focus falls on the flow of the moment. In addition to strength, endurance and agility, it promotes attention and awareness for the here and now. The key to mindfulness living.

Restorative Yoga

Also known as regenerative yoga and similar to Yin Yoga classes. Silence and peace for body and mind are the focus. This calming and meditative form of yoga is ideally suited to complement strenuous yoga practice or other energy-consuming forms of movement and life situations. A real benefit in stressful times or during the healing process to feel more conscious and relaxed, during pregnancy or as a preventive measure. Recovery, stress reduction, calm sleep, concentration, as well as eased digestion are promoted.


Meditation is an ancient practice that contributes to the collection and calming of the mind through mindfulness or concentration exercises. In Eastern cultures it is considered to be a basic and central consciousness expanding exercise. Depending on the tradition, the desired states of consciousness are described with terms such as freedom, silence, oneness, emptiness, panoramic consciousness, being here and now or free of thoughts. Through my own exploration and training in meditation practices, I use proven techniques to help you achieve deeper serenity, strengthened basic trust, more focus on one's own essence, patience, devotion and conscious freedom of decision. I understand meditation as a gateway and door opener for my own centering and development.

Personal Training

As a certified personal trainer, I offer physical as well as mental fitness training in the context of personal and individual support. Personal advice, the creation of a training plan, individual lessons tailored to individual needs and tips for a diet that supports the training round off this personal and goal-oriented cooperation. The training sessions can be held in the fitness studio of your choice, at home or in nature, depending on your wishes and goals. In this way, the time available for achieving personal goals can be optimally used through tailor-made exercise programmes.

Nutrition consultation

As a qualified nutritionist, I have learned to optimally adapt well-founded information about physiological and medical aspects of nutrition to individual wishes and needs. Often it is the small adjustments and the deeper understanding as well as the awareness of one's own preconditions that elevate nutrition to a strengthening and - in the truest sense of the word - nourishing component of a healthy lifestyle. Coordinated recommendations for suitable choices of food, quantity and time are compiled into a tailor-made and clear guideline. The aim is to encourage balanced, healthy and strengthening eating habits that meet your personal requirements.