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Bring focus and calm into your worklife

Balancing health, thinking and doing

The Employees are the heart of every company. They represent the company externally and at the same time shape the internal corporate culture. Every investment in the health and well-being of employees is therefore also an investment in the future of the company.

More serenity with yourself

On my way to a healthy and strengthened lifestyle, I was confronted with the challenges of modern city life and a stressful job with a lot of responsibility, which I had for seven years. Most days were filled with long periods of sitting, a lot of work at the computer and a high workload were part of my professional everyday life. Stress, tension and chronic joint and back pain led me to where I am today. Today I know that targeted strengthening and simple relaxation techniques can help people stay healthy and efficient in the long-term.

Recipe for success: Yoga in the office

Yoga in the office leads to targeted prevention for a healthy working life. My courses take place directly on site, during work hours and leave out the added stress of travel.

Positioning as an attractive employer

Employees today expect a lot from their employers, including programs that support a healthy lifestyle. Positioning your company as an employer who invests in its most valuable resource – its people – will help attract and keep the best talent, ensure continual top performance and foster team spirit.

Promote workplace health management is promoted

Benefits to improve the general state of health and occupational health are up to 500 € per employee and year, tax and social insurance free, according to §3 No. 34 EStG.

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Preventive courses - a sustainable investment

Today’s top employers attach great importance to the health of their employees. How about a targeted yoga course at the right time:

Team courses for employees

A regular, weekly course is recommended for employees in a department or office (up to 20 people). It is also possible to have a tailor-made workshop as part of a team-building retreat. The course level is individually tailored to the employees. The focus is on the prevention of one-sided postural stress and the training of individual abilities in the conscious alternation of tension and relaxation.

One-time trial lesson,

Directly on site in the offices, meeting rooms or also outside possible. (The trial lesson will be charged if there is a cooperation.)

65 €

One trial lesson

Directly on site in the offices, meeting rooms or also outside possible.

80 €

Workshop over 2 hours

160 €

For a longer period or individual adaptations to course content or scope, I would be happy to make you a personalized offer.

10 weeks, once a week, 45 minutes

770 €

10 weeks, once a week, 60 minutes

870 €